Baby Camera - IR Cut Filter

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    • Live Viewing from Anywhere with 1080P: Get a sharp and crisp image day or night with this camera's automatic IR-CUT filter on the ZOSI Smart Phone APP.
    • Watch clarify night vision even in the dark: HD clarifies night vision allows you to see more detail whether day or night to keep more of what you love safe.
    • Talk and listen just like never leave home: Built-in mic and speaker let you stay in touch with your household. Check-in with the family or tell your dog to stop barking, or say hello with the two-way audio function on your smartphone.
    • Customizable advanced motion detection: Be notified when there are unexpected movements. Smart notifications with images will be pushed to your smartphone via iPhone/Android App. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Very good

    Good camera, nice aluminum housing to handle the Arizona heat.

    Zosi C611

    Excellent product. Night vision is good. Picture quality are good. Worth the money. Recommend to buy.

    Great video and picture quality, easy setup, great price point

    Was an easy setup out of the box. I have an older security system and the cameras have been going out 1 by 1, thought I would try this camera as an indoor to test for the price point, app, etc. I had zero issues connecting to my router (Dual-Band 2.4 GHz / 5.0 GHz Frequencies via tri-band setup) wirelessly. The app has yet to crash on me. I use Android (tablet/ phone) and the Windows desktop client (you can download from the ZOSI site). This camera met expectations and exceeded in video quality. No issues with the 2-way audio. I'll be moving to a ZOSI wireless system to replace the old system (which is about 4 years old) now. The picture quality is a step-up from what I have, a huge difference (720 on my old).

    Kitt Lacey

    No complaints. Good for the price.

    Clyde Rainey
    Good system

    Really like their cameras their setup is really good easy to use I would buy it again