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    • Heating Pad for Pain and Sore Muscle Relief: This electric pad helps you get rid of back pain or cramps by relaxing your muscle with hot warm therapy, and reducing aches. This pad is dry-heat only, please avoid using it in moist conditions.
    • Safe to Use with ETL-Certificate: This heating pad is made with premium material and built to be of high quality, you can use it with confidence if used according to the User Manual.
    • Soft & Comfortable Surface: The pad is made with 100% Polyester, making it soft and warm to touch and cover your back & neck, shoulders, legs, or stomach
    • Three Heating Levels & Auto-OFF: The controller has a big switch so you can easily set the temperature between 3 levels, and it will automatically shut off in 90 minutes for safety. The controller is ergonomic to interact with and comfortable to hold
    • Machine-Washable: You can detach the cord and wash the pad by hand or by machine by following the guide in User Manual.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Lyv Hurt
    Easy to use.

    I like this heating pad. Its big enough to cover a good portion of your body. It does feel thin and doesn't carry enough weight on it, but it worked good for what I needed it for.Its also nice and soft, and has three levels for how hot one wants it, does turn off after a specific time.

    ~ Wonderfully Soft & Cozy, Detachable Cord, Three Heat Settings, Auto Shut-off! ~

    I love the extra large size of this heating pad. It is wonderfully soft and cozy. I haven't had to wash it yet, but I love that the cord is detachable for laundering. It works great with the three varied heat settings and I am thankful for the 90-minute automatic shut-off. Very nice heating pad. I'm happy with this!

    Nadia Rodriguez
    great price, great product.

    digital heat pads tend to glitch.. lock on the time out screen or just flash lights at you saying the auto shut off was used but never being able to turn the heat pad back on. even after unplugging and replugging back in.the fact that this has a slide to turn it off and on or choose heat level, prevents THAT glitch. Also... super soft compared to older heat pads, no plastic or stiffness when it cools down. I truly love the moderness of the texture and old time reliability of the on/off switch.

    Very plush heating pad

    I like how plush this heating pad is. It heats nicely, although I don't like the auto-off function, but I can't find a heating pad without it. This one seems worth the price easily.

    Nicole Shimmick
    Helps me get to sleep

    This heating pad has been perfect for me. I have constant pain in my upper back and shoulders. I needed a heating pad that would shut off on its own so I could use it to fall asleep. This has worked out great. The only thing I can say that seems cheap is the switch. It doesn't slide easily and I am afraid it will be the first thing to go. But for the price I am completely happy.