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  • Health and wellness for your eyes. The intelligent air pressure eye massager adopts the traditional meridian theory of traditional Chinese medicine and the beauty principle of traditional Chinese medicine and combines the microcomputer chip control technology to help the eyes increase oxygen and dredge collaterals, improve eye blood circulation, relieve eye fatigue, reduce visual impairment, maintain eye vision health and effectively improve sleep through hot compress, and vibration and rubbing on the eyes.
  • One- button Control. The product system of one-button control makes it easier for you to switch 5-modes and bid farewell to the tedious of remote control.
  • Double click on the button to turn off prerecorded music. 

Customer Reviews

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I use it everyday.easy to sleep.love it

Easy to use

My eyes always feels so try because too much computer and phone. I try so many stuff to fix my eye problems before . I really like this one . But you have to find right spot to match your eyebrows.and the heat really nice !


Amazing! This is my new best friend I love everything about it from the design and fabric choice feels nice against face. I was looking for a massager that does the temples and this does and the fact that it's foldable is convenient. This totally takes me a happy place. The included white noise is nice but you can also connect to phone

Heat really enhances the massage and relaxes the eyes

boyfriend approved! I bought this originally for myself since I'm on my computer a lot, but then my boyfriend discovered how incredible it was too so now we share all the time.Things to note:-the massage isn't a dinky weak massage, it can get pretty intense, which makes a difference on relaxing the eye and the before and after relief. (note: if your head is much wider than "standard" , it may be slightly less comfy, though we didn't have any problems)-the heat is probably my favorite part, even though I knew it had heat, it was still almost unexpected and felt super nice.-the sound it emits is right next to your ears so it gives off a surround sound quality.Overall, good product, good gift, design is sleek and very futuristic!

jose loyola
I actually Love this thing

Works fantasticly, heats,vibrates,massages and it is reducing my under eye bags. very very relaxing if only they made one where I could stick my whole head in their.