Smart Wi-Fi Light Bulbs - 4 Pack

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  • Compatible with Voice Control: These smart light bulbw work with Alexa Echo and Google Home Assistant. You can turn on/off smart bulb and change colors and brightness via voice.
  • App Remote Control: You can control the smart bulbs on-off through Siri, Alexa, Google home whether you are at home or away.
  • Rgbcw and Multi-color Smart Bulb: RGB cool white and warm white smart bulb creating your favorite light effects with 16-million colors and the brightness of every color is dimmable.
  • Wide Application and Scene System: You can set different light modes on smart life to match various occasions including kitchen, living room, bedroom.
  • Energy Saving: Saves up to 80% energy, last longer and energy saver. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Juan C.
It works very well and easily configured

the configuration using alexa was quite simple to be my first experience with this type of bulbs, what I liked is how I can indicate the required color or set the perfect environment for my comfort, I can also set the time on and off, it was An excellent purchase for me.

Easy to connet.

I purchases these bulbs to replace previously installed smart bulbs. The setup and connection to Alexa went very easily. The color is bright white which is what I wanted. I definitely recommend and would repurchased this lights.

Akshay Patil
A technology wonder!

I feel that buying these bulbs was the best decision to make. My light switch is not at a reachable distance from my bed and It is very irritating to get up from the bed just to turn off the lights and then find your way to your bed in the dark. But now, I just yell from anywhere in the bedroom "Hey google, turn the bedroom lights on/off" and the magic happens. It is very easy to set up everything with the app. All you need is a wifi connection and a google mini to control the smart bulbs with your voice. You can also use the "smart life" app from your mobile phone. It gets even more interesting when you say "Hey google, turn the bedroom lights blue". You can actually select any color of your choice and the lights will glow in that color. I really love these and planning to buy a few more for other rooms in my apartment.

Works with the standard SmartLife App

These bulbs are easy to connect and configure with the standard SmartLife App. The full color spectrum as well as scheduling are pretty standard on similar bulbs, but the dimming option gives this one a little bit of an extra step.

Steve Bartelt
Great WIFI based lights that work perfect with Alexa routines.

I bought these so I could just setup a routine to run them on at night and off in the morning. It is fun to change the colors and brightness. My Alexa routine turns them on 15 minutes before dusk and then to 5% at 8pm and then off at sunrise.