Wi-Fi Video Doorbell - 180 Wide Angle

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  • Powered by existing doorbell wiring (16 24 VAC) and provides 24/7 surveillance of all front door activity.
  • No monthly subscription fees. Records and stores all motion activity for up to 3-days via FREE cloud storage (paid plans available).
  • Streams all your live videos in high quality HD with 180- wide angle and infrared vision.
  • Allows you to select areas of interest and sends instant alerts on your smart device when motion is detected in your video doorbells view. 
  • Lets you see, hear, and talk with visitors from your smartphone or tablet using the Remo+ app (iOS 11 and above, or Android 5 and above).

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Barbi Holdeman
Why Didn't We Do THIS Sooner?!?!

Fabulous product! We can't seem to get it hooked up to our old doorbell, but we don't care because it pops up on our phones, and we're never without those. In fact, we are able to talk to people at our door while we're out of the state. Fabulous! All 3 of us living in the house have the app on our phone. We disabled the motion sensor because it's very sensitive and we didn't need to know every time the neighbor's cat visited our door. LOL!

OUTSTANDING value for the capabilities w/INCLUDED cloud storage (NO extra fees)

5-stars for the value and function alone. Folks - an IP wireless video doorbell at this price, with INCLUDED basic cloud storage (3-days) is an UNSURPASSED value. The PC Mag rating/review was honest and informative. It's not perfect, but the price is amazing.A SOLID WiFi signal/stable network is REQUIRED for setup and reliable operation. If you have a spotty home WiFi network, NO doorbell camera is going to work well for you regardless of price - especially if you have a masonry/block home.Look at all the high-priced doorbell camera alternatives out there - at 2x or 3x this price, and without included basic cloud storage, and you will understand the unique value of the RemoBell S. You just have to put up with some minor installation challenges relating to often flaky Wi-Fi coverage at YOUR residence or office.*** A SOLID WiFi signal is REQUIRED for glitch-free setup, and reliable operation, after install. If you do not have good WiFi coverage at your location, neither this nor any other doorbell cam will likely work well. Most of the reviews indicating problems, were likely related to poor/unstable WiFi signal strength.***We set up both the RemoBell S ($79) doorbell, and the accessory RemoChime ($29) at the computer in our office first, then tested thepre-configured doorbell and chime with extension cords, as required, in their planned locations, then and finally, we permanently installed the doorbell. Fishing/routing power wires in an outdoor entry gate pedestal was time consuming.*** WiFi Signal Strength/Reliability is Critical. We had to use our WiFi router system's repeater between the doorbell and router to achieve a stable WiFi connection, the doorbell would NOT maintain a good link (indicated by a blue halo around the doorbell button) using the primary router alone - which is not unusual with hurricane-rated masonry cinder-block construction. With a good signal, the doorbell both responded to both button push with remoted RemoChime notification, as well as (video) motion detection notification to the RemoteChime. We used different chimes for door bell button and (video) motion detection to differentiate between actual human doorbell rings, and simple notification of camera detected motion - vehicles/animals/ etc.*** Powering the Doorbell - If you do NOT have the usual wired 16vAC - 24 vAC doorbell power at your front or rear door, adding an affordable 24vAC wall adapter with 15-25 feet of included wire is a simple, minor cost. We bought the well rated Viivria adapter/transformer suitable for most wired doorbell cameras and thermostats. It put out 25.1 vAC and 500 ma at the wires. You do not need to use all the wires and adapters included with the video doorbell in all installations. We did NOT need most of the included adapters/devices.***Premium Packaging and accessories are reminiscent of Apple, Wyze, and other top product manufacturers even if the WiFi install is a bit touchy. The accessory kit, beyond the usual screws, anchors and miscellaneous wires, even includes a MASONRY drill bit - if your doorbell in installed on some brick/stucco fascia! Also has a dual tip screwdriver, and a clip-on and remove bubble level to get the mounting plate square (vertical, not crooked).A SOLID WiFi signal/stable network is required for setup and reliable operation. If you have a spotty home WiFi network no doorbell cameras is going to work for you regardless of price - especially if you have a masonry/block home.

Matt Deller
Good cheaper alternative to the Ring

We had a Ring Video doorbell for about 2 years at our condo which we had to get rid of after it malfunctioned due to a power-washer mishap. I got this to replace it and I'm glad I did. It's cheaper, has all or most of the same functionality plus it comes with free 3 days rolling cloud storage so it saves me on ring's yearly subscription cost. It also doesn't cut videos short like the ring does with a max of 30 seconds. Only drawback I can list is the fish-eye playback of recorded videos but I'm hopeful they'll fix that with a software patch eventually.

Denver's Mom
No Additional Fees, Excellent App, Clear Picture

So very happy with this purchase. We have been looking for a video doorbell for months. Researching and reading reviews led us to the Remo. We didn't want to have to pay a monthly fee and wanted an app that worked well. The Remo scores high in both of these areas. No fees. The app has always been reliable for us and shows a clear picture both day and night. The install was a bit of work for hubby due to our door frame but he managed just fine. My only complaint, and something we didn't consider, is that since we don't have an overhang above our front door, the very sensitive sensor goes crazy when it rains...sending an alert every 30 seconds. Obviously, this isn't a defect in the product, just how it works with our particular entryway. When it rains, I go into my settings on my phone and turn off the notifications...not a big deal for me personally, but something to think about. The camera will even pick up a car driving by the house at night. Overall, we are very pleased with the product and I have even recommended it to both family and friends who are looking for an affordable video doorbell with no monthly fees.

N. Steffen
Overall very pleased with this video doorbell.

I picked out this video doorbell for Father's Day and am overall very pleased with the product and performance. The notifications on my phone/ipad are helpful for peace of mind when our kids are home by themselves, the video is pretty clear, and after adjusting the sensitivity several times, we don't get too many false alarms. We did have to move our American flag that was near our door because it was constantly triggering the motion sensor. My only real complaint about the product is the set-up. The directions were clear, and easy to follow. The actual RemoBell S was working great, and performing as expected with the app. However, no matter which way I flipped the wires, I couldn't get the in-home doorbell chime to ring. It wasn't until a few days later that I was reviewing the app features, and noticed a toggle for in-home chime. It can be found under: Devices > My House (or whatever you decide to call it) > In-home Chime Type. The app defaults to 'None' for some reason. I think the person who wouldn't want a doorbell to ring inside their home is the rare occurrence. Anyway, after I got that figured out, it has been working great.