Smart LED Strip Lights - 50ft

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    • 50-feet.
    • Timing function.
    • Quick and easy installation.
    • Music and mic mode function.
    • Wide range use. 

    Customer Reviews

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    Easy to set up and use!

    This worked great for what I was intending! Very good adhesion to my textured walls. Excellent brightness and I love that it picks up sound! However, my remote control does not work. It is probably a battery issue or where I put the receiver. I don't care tho cause I would rather use the app on my phone. I also love that the strips connect into each other or can be split up to go 3 separate ways. Makes it very versatile for any style living room.

    Lauren Patnode
    Great item.

    Lights are a breeze to put up, super bright, the voice and music control are super cool. My daughter has wanted led lights around the ceiling of her bedroom for a year now and we finally caved abs bought these after buying two boxes at the same price of this one, from Walmart. The ones from Walmart didn't even work right, didn't go all the way around her room.. We were so unhappy. But when we got these we were ecstatic. This one box went all the way around my daughter's room, the remote control is so convenient and works super well. We're pleased.

    Alyssa S
    Pretty Amazing for the Price

    I set these up in my brother's room. Unfortunately, it didn't come with a sticky side (not that I saw anything to peel). However, in the past, the adhesive doesn't stick too well anyway so I don't mind taping them up. The app is pretty cool and the remote has a good range. There are two modes for playing to the music; sudden and gradual transitions. I prefer the gradual but overall the device mic is surprisingly good. It's fairly sensitive, but not in a way that interferes with audio from music or a movie. I really like the depth/intensity of range with the colors. I haven't fully explored the app but there seems to be a lot of customization available. I am excited to use the smart functions including the timer/alarm. It'll make waking up in the winter a whole lot easier once bright lights go off at 7 am


    Great price, great functionality. The owners even sent me an extra version of the product when I emailed the email on the box. Works with an app seamlessly and are pretty bright. All the LEDs are on a sticky strip so you literally just have to pull off the backing and place them on the wall. They even included sticky pads for the wireless transmitter. FANTASTIC PRODUCT I am very happy. One or two of the leds werent working when I turned them on but that's probably because I was super rough when I stuck them up. They made up for it by sending me a free extra product though!!!

    Preethi Shetty
    Well designed product

    This is really a good product.Sticks well to the wall, works through remote, works through phone App, range of colors, different modes to switch colors, can add music to control the lights.Well thought & designed.Only con would be the connector, especially the ones connecting to the main controller. It doesn't have a lock so when the controller is hanging, had to use tape to secure it tight.