Baby Swing & Glider - 2 Speeds

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  • Metal, Plastic, and Polyester.
  • The removable swing seat doubles as a portable bouncer.
  • 6-swinging speeds allow you to find the right setting to calm your baby.
  • Roomy seat with recline and head support to keep your baby cozy.
  • 2-speed vibration further comforts your little one.
  • 10-melodies and 5-soothing sounds to calm and amuse your little one.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Melba C
Nice comfortable swing easy to assemble

My infant loves swinging in this swing. It doesn't take long for my son to fall asleep in this swing. It is easy to assemble and break down. I love the fact that it's electric because batteries run out quickly if your baby enjoys to swing and I would recommend this swing to anyone with a baby.

Fashion Lord
Rock on!

This is the best purchase for a baby. My boy loves this swing. When he gets cranky, I set it on 3, and it rocks the baby gently. He calms down, and sleeps like he is on cloud 9. My only complaint is the noise level. You can hear the rocking sound over the music that plays. Easy to put together!

Sits A Little Low but Good Swing

Sits a little bit yall enough to keep our small dogs away from baby. Our baby loves this swing!! It has been sturdy. The music is adorably soothing! Only thing is the vibration part needs batteries but we were ok with that since we don't use it all the time. Good length power chord. Berry happy with this purchase.

Puts baby to sleep

This is a great baby swing my son always falls asleep in it even when everyone's being loud around him. The vibration on high is a bit loud but aside from that its perfect.

The sounds last a good amount of time

Our baby loves her swing. She takes her naps or swings in there playing with her hands. She discovered her hands and her tiny fingers. The swing can be used with no battery. The battery is only to make the seat vibrate, our little girl does not care about that. She also enjoys the river and bird sounds. She usually falls as sleep to that. The sounds last a good amount of time. She falls asleep before the sounds come off. We use our swing at level 2. The volume is loud enough for her. Its not loud where it could harm her hears and not annoying for us. We can still hear the TV without a problem. We are first time parents. We tried other type of "seating things" such as the vibrating chair and the normal swing, she did not like them. She would cry after a few seconds of being in there. She did not cry with this swing it has really helped us. We highly recommend this product.