Baby Soother - Teddy Bear

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    • Soothe baby at home or while traveling with this take-along musical plush toy.
    • Press heart to activate up to 10-minutes of gentle music and calming vibrations.
    • Soft, plush textures to engage the baby's developing senses.
    • Machine washable (with electronics removed).
    • For infants from birth and up. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    A toy that will last until she is much, much older

    I was struck by both the odd music which reminded me vaguely of the music played in the background of funerals and the surprisingly strong vibrations of the unit. That said, our 1 year old grand daughter loves it. She has been having trouble going to sleep and her first night with this she went to sleep quickly and happily with the toy clutched between her thighs and a smile on her face.

    Baby loves it

    My baby won't sleep without it now lol. The batteries that come with it wont last a long time so make sure you have some handy lol. The only thing i wish it was different was the timer: it only lasts for 10 min, so every 10 min I have to press on it. And you can't stop it once you start it unless u pull the whole mechanism out and turn it off lol. Not a big deal, not worth not buying it cuz its so soft and nice. And the melodies are really cute too.

    Great for the newborn

    This is a great, soothing crib toy for grandbaby. It vibrates, which most babies like, although Iv'e never understood why. And it plays a sweet lullaby. it's very effective at comforting baby and lulling her to sleep. This is a trusted brand, so I am sure it will last for a long time.

    Soothing, calming puppy!

    This puppy has been awesome in helping soothe my little one to sleep. We started putting it on the floor outside of her crib when she was an infant and would turn it on before we left the room. We would sing to her and then the puppy would continue once we hums songs like a real person, and it is very soothing and relaxing. When a child is old enough to have a stuffed animal in the crib, it even has vibrations to help soothe to sleep. We use it for bedtime, but I'm sure it would calm a fussy baby, too. Great product!


    My baby loves it! It arrived quickly, came with batteries, and works perfect!