Baby Soother - Walrus

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  • Take-along plush Walrus toy with soothing music and vibrations.
  • Customizable with 4-music and vibrations settings.
  • 10-minutes of gentle music and sounds, plus volume control.
  • Machine Washable (with electronics removed).
  • Cuddle pal for baby from birth and up.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
This product help with constimpation and gas.

I like everything. I put the toy on my baby belly and helps to calm down, gas relief and constimpation pain. Also for sleep its amazing even me i fall sleep with it.

Lacey Cornell
Lulls my baby right to sleep

My baby loves laying next to this, he falls asleep instantly! Volume is nice and low, so it doesn't surprise them awake when the song changes.

10/10 Our Favorite Toys

Let me be clear, this toy is a lifesaver. This is the second model we have bought and we couldnt say more great things about it. If your baby has tummy issues, this might also be your saving grace. The vibrations help our little guy tremendously. it's made naps and car rides so much more enjoyable for everyone. We are honestly considering humor a third one just to have in case, that's how much we rely on these toys now.We have the FP hedgehog and absolutely love it. The only real difference is the outer fabric and animal. Theyre both soft, just different kinds if that makes sense, the Walrus is a smoother fabric. Other than that it is essentially the same as the other soothing toy. You can have the vibrations going with or without music and can control the vibration strength and volume of the music. The animal cover is also machine washable which is perfect for all parents of babies who spit up.