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    • Ease Aches and Sore Muscles: Turn on the heating pad, get heat in seconds and relieve pain in minutes, no need to fill hot water like a rubber water bottle, or heat in a microwave oven like a gel pack. 
    • Heats Continuously: The heating pad heats up fast to the right temperature, NO auto shut off, NO multiple temperature settings, it stays on heat continuously and stable as long as you need.
    • Moist / Dry Heat Option: Wet the inside sponge for moist heat, penetrate the skin faster and deeper, getting right to the musclethe root of your pain.
    • Standard Size: 12" x 15" small heating pad is great for lower back, neck and shoulders, joint, knee, belly or other small muscle groups.

    Customer Reviews

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    Mister G

    This product works great. It heats up to relieve muscle pain or cramps. It heats up just enough without overdoing it. it's light and easy to care for.

    Exactly As Described!

    This pad is a great value...I need to use a heating pad EVERY night--and I've tried the more expensive ones and the ones with many features.This one is the perfect size for easy mobility; the temperature , though preset, is perfect--no hotspots,no automatic shut-off--I love it!

    R. J. Hazen
    A pad you can trust to keep chicks heathy.

    Great for New chicks. I have some heat pads for my chicks that cost about 4 times what this pad cost. This summer , with the restrictions put on recreation, we have been trying different things to amuse the grandchildren. We tool up hatching eggs. I don't like using heat lamps around the little ones(children& chicks) because of the burn hazard and the chance of broken glass. The pads made for chicks were the answer but expensive. We were hatching several loads in the incubators and when the yong birds hatched they needed their own brooder.I looked on and found this pad.it is so simple.No heat setting just off and on. It will tolerate moisture and it has a removable cloth cover that the yong birds love. Best of all no timer. We can lay this at the bottom of the brooder and leave it on. I lay mine upside down over half the bottom then put feed and water in the corner of the other half. The birds get off the pad to eat and drink or if they feel hot. Fast and free to the door. Great deal. I will be buying more.

    love it

    I love my heating pads I always use then like every day so there is nothing different about this one besize the soft protection sleeve.It's soft like a baby and thank great product and the heat comes through just fine.I would buy again.

    It is much better than the price suggests

    I have 3 other heating pads, but I realized that 90% of the time, I used them for only a smaller area on my body. Perhaps a shoulder. Or, my hand. Or, my neck. I was using only 20% of these large pads and in the summer, when it's already hot, the large pads would cause me to sweat like I was back playing basketball in high school. And, I almost always used just 1 heat setting on the larger pads. And, i almost always never used them long enough that the 2-hour shutoff time would matter. I would use these for, at most, half an hour, so never needed this added function. So, for about 10 bucks, plus it's having the thin sponge on the inside which does help to make the pad much hotter, this is a great product and an even greater value. No, I am not getting anything to write this. So, I have this a 5 star rating.