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  • Alexa can show you a more compact 5.5" smart display ready to help manage your day, entertain at a glance, and connect you to friends and family.
  • This camera is made to fit your life. Cook along to step-by-step recipes and easily update your to-do lists and calendars. Choose the clock face that fits your style best and glance at the weather and traffic on your way out.
  • Control your smart home voice control compatible devices or manage them on the easy-to-use display. Ask Alexa to show you security cameras, control lights, and adjust thermostats. Create morning routines to start your day.
  • Connect with video calling and messaging. Call friends and family who have the Alexa app, an Echo device with a screen, or Skype. Make announcements to other devices in your home.

Customer Reviews

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Display and info really adjustable

Mainly needed an alarm clock in the bedroom and the Echo Show 5 is perfect. Also love having a screen to view items during the news briefings or other visuals. I did set the "Try Alexa" info to show only once, which means only after I give a command does it show up (and only once). Not continuously showing up on screen, just turn off "rotate continuously". Actually I turned everything off under Home Content. If I want to know something I'll ask. Also changed the dimness level in case waking in middle of night, didn't want the lighting too low. And adjusted the default night mode scheduled hours to suit my nighttime habits. All in all, i find this device is adjustable to the individual. Pleased with the purchase.

Great Economy AI, Touch Screen Makes it a Real Winner

Update 2: In hotels the last two weeks, this a great travel companion. The touch screen makes it so easy to connect in an hotel room. This will always have a place in my suitcase.Update: I travel for a living. Alexa is always with me, although some hotel wifis are a challenge. At the Hilton Gas Lamp, San Diego, my first trip with 5, setup was relatively easy, despite the under 5mbps dismal wifi speed. Success. Touch screens forever! SD Comic Con 50th Anniversary.Update: I think my 5 needs a firmware update. It has begun connecting and disconnecting to the Bluetooth speaker I've used for a year. After replacing the batteries in my Echo Wall Clock, my 5 won't connect to two devices at once. I'm lowering my review to 4 stars for now. Okay , it's your move.I am deep into things Alexa. I'm had one or more since November 6, 2014. I loved the Show when it came out, and I've given two away as gifts.The Spot has been my "Bedside Clock," for quite awhile. When word of the Show 5 coming out, I gave my Spot to a colleague, then pre-ordered the 5.Just before it came out, ran a sale, knocking $15 off the cost of one, so I bought two.They are as advertised. Alexa has become very smooth...every iteration has gotten better.The 5 is small, much harder to see, but there's nothing wrong with picture...and touch. Good touch screen. The speaker is just okay, but l've Bluetoothed it to a premium speaker for listening to Audible in bed.As usual, everything is well done, for the price, and, again, gets easier to use each iteration.For me, the price is great. Everything works. Highly Recommended.

Great as a bedside clock and integrates with my Ring doorbell

I've only had my Echo Show 5 for a few days, but so far I'm very impressed. What I like so far:1. It looks great as a bedside clock. I set it to a big bold blue digital clock face and I love the look. I tried the option to cycle through the colors but I found that distracting.2. It works fantastically at night. My biggest fear was that it would be too bright at night and bother my wife who is sensitive to any light at all. However, it's nighttime illumination is as good as it can get, imo. I set the option to dim the screen at night. When my bedroom gets dark, the bright, bold blue clock dims to a completely black background and the clock numbers turn into a barely noticeable red color. The Echo Show 5 is only about 3 feet from my head, but in the dark it basically looks off/completely black. I need to focus on the clock to actually see the VERY dim red clock numbers, which is exactly what I had hoped for. From the other side of the bed, my wife doesn't even realize the Echo is even on.I've read others complain that it is too bright at night. I'm not sure if their settings are different from mine, but I don't see how it can be too bright for anyone, and I like my bedroom very dark at night.3. I have a Ring video doorbell. The Echo Show alerts me to someone at the front door. I can tell Alexa, "Alexa, show me the front door" and it quickly shows me a live video of the front door where I can see the person at the door, listen to the audio (if I choose) or unmute my mic and speak to the person at the front door. I think the only improvement I would make would be to immediately show me the live video of the front door without prompting from me, but I don't think it will do this.4. I like the manual camera cover-slide. With this camera cover, I am 100-percent sure that the camera is non-functional on the Echo Show in my bedroom until I physically open the camera cover.5. I wish it came with the optional little stand. Mine works fine without the stand, but it would be cool to have it. (But to me it's not worth $20 that is charging for the stand.)6. Audio quality is very good.

Amazing Device and a word about how myths grow on the internet like there are ads on this device

An amazing bargain at the $50.00 I paid. It replaced my echo dot 3 and functions just like like it but with a screen. A perfect size for my needs - sitting on an end table directly next to my man chair.Moving on to myths - once they start -- they grow like wildfire just because every reviewer has to mention that very criticism just to dispel it. No there are no ads on this device and to turn off the suggestions (which innocently suggest other features on the Alexa platform - all of which are free - you simply go into setting and turn these suggestions off.I'm sitting here, in my man chair with a lovely static display showing me the time, in smaller print the day and month and the temperature. Hasn't changed once since I changed the settings but frankly I found the suggestions useful and may turn them back on

My favorite Echo device is the Show 5

Why I like it. Many of the features I like are also in many ECHO DEVICES. I have Prime. No shock there.I have Unlimited music. I make reminders, I set alarms to music. I watch prime videos by verbal command.I can adjust the place in the move with my finger. I can watch movies when I work by my computer or watch or listen to the news. I have watched CBS NEWS video live. I have a stand that rotates that I bought for the ECHO SPOT and it works on the SHOW 5 really well. So I turn the 5 toward my bed when I am going to sleep and toward my PC as my PC is next to my bed. The 96$ price I think really makes this great. It is small enough to use by your bed or put by your PC.I have already used it for a video call. Again, since I play music and prime video, I really won't go to a google display and I don't think google will play Prime video. I have 3 dots, 2 spots and the SHOW 5. I really like the show 5 the best.I want to address a complaint I have read a few times. When you start using the Echo Show 5, you will see the screen change a lot and flash different things at you. What do you do ?1 Go to Setting at the top right. 2 select CLOCK and HOME 3 Select HOME CONTENT. 4 turn off the switchROTATE CONTINUOUSLY if you want nothing to change. This sort of screen changing is also there on the ECHO SPOT. Please don't let this setup bother you like it has some. Just adjust it.