Robotic Vaccum Cleaner - 10.8" - Black

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    • NO PET HAIR, NO MESS - This robotic vacuum cleaner is more suitable for families with pets and long-haired women than traditional roller brush robotic vacuums due to the large suction that removes pet hair and eliminates hair entanglement.
    • YOU WON'T HAVE TO FREE IT FROM BEING STUCK: With the FreeMove technology to upgrade the detection method to electronic induction technology, which can be sensitive to the surrounding environment to prevent the robotic vacuum cleaner from stuck and realize fully automatic cleaning.
    • END YOUR MANUAL CONTROL: THis cleaner works with Alexa and Google assistant. When you need hands with a wide variety of everyday tasks, just ask your voice assistant, it will clean your home with just your voice. You can also set a schedule for auto cleaning when you are going out.
    • NO NEED TO MOVE TABLES AND CABINETS MANUALLY - This slim and thin robot vacuum has a diameter of only 10.8" and can flexibly reach narrow corners, under bed, sofa and furniture. Clean your house without missing a spot.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    Affordable, Time Saver and Very Effective

    Great robot vacuum at very affordable price. It is helping me a lot daily by cleaning my floor and saves me time for other activities. The quality is better than I expected. As there is no rolling brush and only side brushes so it takes me not more than couple mins to clean it.

    Mary Ann Blair
    Great for pet hair

    Cleans up the dog hair and cat hair really well. Picks up the dirt and other debris that is dragged in by humans and animals. Love that it moves in an up and down pattern instead of zig zag.

    This is a MUST BUY!

    This thing is awesome on hardwood floors or tiles. It finds all the dirt, and is so smart! It handles obstacles with ease. I have not had a huge success on carpet, and if it gets too extended from home base, it can get lost, and you have to pick it up and help it. It's like a cat. It does amazing things, but you need to reach down and pet it from time to time. If my cat won't let me work at my computer, turn on the robot, she runs upstairs. Problem solved. If you have a cat, you MUST get this robot. It finds all the hair and tracked litter bits.

    Sameer Thakkar
    Loved my new help

    This is my first robot vacuum. My wife did major research and finally settled on this. It's been more than 1 month I am using with and the vacuum does its work flawless. It's also integrated with Alexa which makes it easier if you want to use it before the schedule time and remote is not around you. But need to make sure after use we clean the dirty for good results in next use. Worth every dollar.

    Johanna Buitrago
    Great vacuum

    The vacuum is the perfect size for my needs it perfectly fits under all cabinets and corners of my house. It also has a great tracking system that shows you where it hasn't been on the app. The battery is great too I don't even finish the whole battery every time I put it to work. Another feature I like is that I can connect it to my echo dot, and I don't even have to lift a finger to start vacuuming.I have many robot vacuums in the past but none of them compare to the functionality and price of this one.