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  • Support 50,000+ IR(38KHz) controlled devices such as TV, Set-up Box, A/C, Personal Video Recorder, DVD, receiver, and more. Supported devices library is constantly being updated by the cloud so your hub is always compatible with newer devices. Large IR database that over 98% IR remote function. Option to program your device's features if certain cloud data is unavailable.
  • Control IR appliances with BroadLink App anywhere anytime. Set up timers to turn on/off appliances at a specific time or customize scenes with multiple devices. Turning your basic home devices into smart devices and making life smarter and more convenient. (Note: Please download the latest Broadlink App BroadLink. The previous app e-Control does not work with Alexa. The RM Mini3 only supports 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi).

Customer Reviews

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Darryl & John
What is the problem?

I am confused regarding what some reviewers have stated about being difficult or impossible to set up. it's done. Took less time to set up than it did to plug in! Found and configured my Gree mini-split. Works fantastically! One tiny thing, the a/c switched to Celsius on the display. But, when I tell Alexa a temp in Fahrenheit it works and she responds back in Fahrenheit so all is well...no stars off. Can certainly deal with that minor issue. Works so well another is on the way for the upstairs unit.

Jacob P.
Easy to connect to devices

Took a little while to find my devices remote but works great.

Joseph Z.
Outstanding Results

This product exceeded my expectations. It was super easy to set up and get on the network. The Broadlink app is powerful and easy to create scenes and add devices. The RF range is outstanding. I actually put mine between the soundbar and the TV. So the device is behind the soundbar and the IR receiver is on the front and it has no issues controlling it. Definitely not in clear site as the Broaklink is lower than the top of the soundbar. Alexa integration was seamless as well. A+, I got the one with the temp and humidity sensor, don't really need it, so I could have saved $8 bucks.

Luis E Mendoza Gavarrete
Very helpful

Is a great pice, help a lot and very versatile in functions

Just what I needed to have my receiver and TV work with Alexa

While my Sony Android TV would work with Alexa, the home theater receiver would not. I used an older Harmony remote to basically turn on both the TV and the receiver. This device, with the creation of scenes, allows me to send the command, "Alexa, Living Room on" and my receiver and TV turn on. "Alexa, Living Room off" turns off both devices. It works as expected. Keep in mind this device acts like a remote, and thus must point toward the devices in order to turn on and off.