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    • EFFICIENT MILK BOTTLE WARMER: Steam heats baby bottle and food without hot spots.
    • CONVENIENT DESIGN: Bottle Warmer with stable Non-skid Base. Automatically turns off when heating is complete.
    • PORTABLE BABY BOTTLE WARMER: Warming Chamber fits most of the bottles for babies and a basket for baby food jars and a graduated tube for measuring water to be steamed.
    • USES: Can be used for regular, angled, wide neck, disposable, and silicone bottles.
    • Made without BPA, Phthalate, and PVC. Plugs into standard US 110V outlet.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Five Stars

    Works perfectly fine with my Philip Avent bottles

    Perfect little bottle warmer

    I've been using this bottle warmer for 3 months and I can definitely say I love it. With my first child, I had a more expensive bottle warmer and I wasn't a fan. It had a little turn-dial on it and the temp was never consistent. This one makes it easy. On the back on the unit there is a little measuring tube and the tube is marked with numbers 1-10. I have no idea what unit of measurement these correspond to - maybe just randomly chosen by the manufacturer? The booklet that comes with the unit tells you what to fill to according to how full your bottle is and you can change that up depending on how warm baby likes their bottle. I'm heating 5-6 ounces that comes straight from the fridge, so I use a "10" every time. It makes the milk what I'd call room temperature in my 9oz Avent bottles. Dump the water in, put the bottle in, hit the button. No more thought needed than that! A blue light comes on around the button and will go off on it's own once all the water has been steamed out. Some people complain that there isn't a ding or something when the warming is complete. I'm fine with that. I don't need another noise at 3 am when I'm doing my best to keep quiet and I don't need a ding to alert my baby milk's coming like Pavlov's dog. In the amount of time it takes to change a diaper, apply cream and properly wash your hands - the bottle will be ready. Wipe the bottle off (heating water causes steam, so the bottle will be wet, duh). I swirl the milk around in the bottle to just make sure there aren't hot spots. Easy peasy.

    Great warmer and takes up very little counter space

    This is a great warmer that takes up very little space on the counter. I am surprised with the reviews saying it is "complicated". To warm a bottle you: fill water to designated line in measuring thing (you may have to do this 2 times), pour water in unit, press button - it takes all of 5 seconds. I am not sure how much more simple it could be. I find that I need to use slightly more water than directions indicate to heat the bottle just right (directions say if bottles are too cold use slightly more water and if they are too hot use slightly less). Once you use this a few times you get a feel for the amount of water needed. You can also pour the water in ahead of time so when it is time to heat the bottle you just pop it in and press the button. I use Born Free bottles and they fit just fine in this warmer. Very pleased with this!

    Jean H.
    You need to try this bottle warmer!

    I bought this bottle warmer for my daughter in law for use with my new grandson's bottles. The Boon Orb is small and works great! It takes a little longer to warm the liquid if it has been refrigerated. (Ex. Pumped breast milk stored in the refrigerator). The design is cleaver with the water measure located on the back of the unit. I will share that the instructions that come with the bottle warmer are not the best. However, we found a YouTube video to watch that was most helpful. My daughter in law uses the warmer frequently and is happy with the efficiency and ease of use. The Boon Orb Bottle Warmer is priced so that it is affordable and works as good - if not better - than higher priced warmers.

    Love it! It's small but does its job very well!

    We love this warmer! It's very small so it can be left on the counter without taking up much space. I've also thrown it in my diaper bag several times when going to visit at someone else's home for the day. I packed it in a suitcase once too. it's plenty big to do its job...haven't had any issues with anything not fitting inside.It doesn't beep when done so you can use it quietly in the middle of the night (a small light indicates when bottle is ready). Some reviewers have complained about the measurements...saying its hard to get the right amount of water in there but I have not had that problem. It comes with directions (eg "if you have a 4oz bottle of milk, add x amount of water" and press the green button!) it's actually a chart that shows you specifically how to warm a variety of sizes and container types (glass, plastic, etc). I always use the same size and type of bottle so after I figured it out the first time it wasn't hard to just keep setting it up the same way each time.It warms the milk pretty quickly. We've been really pleased and I highly recommend.