Blackhead Remover - 3 Intensities - Gold & White

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    • Precisely Remove BlackheadsL Watch while sucking, makes blackheads removing become more precise and effective. Compared to the traditional blackhead remover vacuum, the upgraded pore vacuum, with a wireless camera & 4 LED lights, easily connects to your phone via Wi-Fi. With the App, you can watch the incredible process of pores enlarged and the stubborn blackheads sucked out.
    • Your Skin Care Specialist: Improve the pores noticeably and make your skin smoother. The suction pressure of the pore cleaner ranges between 58-65 Kpa. 3 suction levels and 3 suction heads are available for different skin types and facial areas. With powerful suction, you can extract blackheads, oil, dirt, exfoliation from your pores with ease and effect. Your skin can absorb essence better into the deep with pores cleaned.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    You have to push

    This works really well if you push on your skin. At first I wasn't and was unimpressed, then I found out if you push and apply pressure it is amazing what comes out! Love that its rechargeable and you don't have to use batteries too. that's a plus and come with a nice case for it too.

    Arnel Falaminiano
    Was so cool and effective

    The product was so effective, my face is so clean, even the white heads beside my nose removed.

    Bars Tisoy
    it's nice

    I am satisfied! It removes my blackheads thoroughly

    Noel Falaminiano
    quality is great working

    so easy to use and help to remove my blackheads