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    • Upgrade Design: Newest industry-leading technology without hurting your skin. Equipped ultra-powerful suction level, Maximum to 65kp, deeper cleansing for your skin.
    • 3 Adjustable Levels: This blackhead remover meets the requirements of different skin types, level 1-3 suction modes, Press the on-off key, Level 1 is suitable for thin cuticle sensitive skin. Level 2 is suitable for dry and skin little blackheads, Level 3 is suitable for skin severe and stubborn blackheads.
    • 5 Suction Probes: With a rotatable blackhead suction probes function, which can achieve a better experience by adjusting the angle of the suction probes. The microcrystalline head gently removes dirt from the rough epidermis. The 4 different round hole beauty head is suitable for large areas of blackheads on the face and T-shaped parts, and vulnerable and sensitive parts.

    Customer Reviews

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    K. Choe
    Great solution to pimple/blackhead removal

    This product has so far been outstanding for me. I've been using this product on my son, and it has been effective to removing zits on his forehead. It's reportedly less painful for my son, and makes the blackhead removal process much easier. If you or anyone else in your family wants to remove zits and blackhead, then I recommend using this product without any hesitation; it will be convenient and less painful compared to removing by hand.

    It is super easy to use and has quite a few different heads

    For the best results I found if you've just gotten out of a hot shower or if you have just washed your face with a hot wash cloth you will break all those nasty heads loose when you go over them with this.Its also has a really good battery life and is easy to use just hold the power button for about 2-3 seconds to turn it off press the button until the setting your looking for is lit up and go to town on your face. Hold the button again to turn it on.

    Works perfect!

    I got this cause it was a more affordable option than buying one at Ulta. I love it. My husband and I use it and the low setting and it's perfect suction!

    Artemis Farrokhtala
    simple easy to use device you can travel with

    great if your looking for a simple and easy to use device,that is compact enough to carry and travel with,that works real well and is affordable,

    If you're using it properly you'll love it

    If you're using the product as Intended you'll love it. Great suction power, gets in crevices easily. If you are using it too long in one spot or on delicate skin you will bruise quickly. Follow the instructions and it is a good exfoliation step in your skin care.