Baby Oxygen Foot Monitor - Blue

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  • KNOW YOUR BABY IS OK ALL THE TIME: Continually track your baby's oxygen level, heart rate, and movement. When your baby's oxygen level is low, or the device falls off, an audio alarm will alert you on the device/mobile APP. The alarm on the device and mobile APP can be turned on/off separately. The alarm volume & threshold is adjustable to fit your needs.
  • SOFT & ADJUSTABLE BAND: The gentle and breathable fabric provides a comfortable wearing experience like a sock. Two sizes of soft wraps for different age stages.
  • FREE APP FOR IOS & ANDROID: The free app allows you to monitor your baby's real-time oxygen saturation, heart rate, and body movements during sleep and daily life. Review history records and receive an alarm instantly.
  • FREE PC SOFTWARE: Export, print and share detailed PDF/CSV reports. Share with families/doctors.
  • BUILT-IN MEMORY: Work stand-alone, even without a smartphone. Sync data automatically when connected to the App. Rechargeable battery.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Good value for money

Easy to configure and use. Materials are soft which is good for the baby. Compared it to $2000 magical grade one - readings are almost identical so consider it to be quite accurate. Very good value for money. Cons - cable does not look heavy duty, I am sure it will break soon. Spend another couple of dollars for heat shrink to fix the cable before it breaks, I am sure it will last longer

Great tool

My son had low oxygen levels in the hospital after being born, so I ordered this immediately. He ended up being fine by the time we left but I love having this! He doesn't use it every night, but it's wonderful to have when he's sick, or when I'm concerned about anything. It's wonderful little tool, I like that you can change how loud it beeps and the oxygen levels that they'll warn you at. It's also amazingly easy to set up. I have nothing to compare it to, so I don't know how accurate it really is

Best little pulseox!!!

AMAZING little pulseox!!!! My son, now 3, has been on oxygen and bipap since he was only weeks old. 3 years I have been lugging around the giant masimo monitor wherever we went to ensure his safety. This monitor has been spot on with our massimo!!! And is so convenient and discreet. it's perfect in the car and for our long appointment days!!! The monitor it self has an audible alarm BUT for your phone to alarm you must have the app running just FYI....the sensor is a soft silicone, it's shape is just like the hospital grade ones so you can do a foot, toe, finger etc.....if the Velcro bands are too small for your child I have found the coban (self stick bandage) works the best with this silicone sensor. I love being able to send the data right to our pulmonologist!! Truly a wonderful product!!!

Easy to setup

All you have to do is use the cable that comes with it to charge it. You just put the adjustable velcro band on your baby's foot. It is easy to use phone app to set parameters you need. And I like the beautiful App, it's clear to understand. Historical data can be viewed at any time, and there are rich values in detailed reports.

Love this product

I sleep much better knowing my neice that I take care of is being monitored. It gave me relief and piece of mind. Came with replaceable bands and 2 sizes, so we can change and wash bands everyday and keep using it as your little one grows. I worried about if it will hurt the baby's foot, but it has worked fine so far. It's safe and friendly to the baby's skin.