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    • 5-in-1 Biometric Keyless Entry Door Lock: 5 ways to unlock/lock, smart lock for front door: Fingerprint + Smartphone (Bluetooth & WiFi ) + IC Card + Code + Mechanial Key. Compatible with external wooden doors with key entry, suitable for most standard residential wooden doors (door thickness is 1.49 inches to 1.90 inches).
    • Smartphone Control: Smart lock provides the ability to manage all keys and monitor use to see who unlocks the door and when; You can also grant and control access to everyone (family, friends or neighbors), grant access for weeks, days or hours, and modify or remove access as needed, all at your discretion.
    • Auto-Lock Make Your Home Security: The smart lock has the safety protection function of automatic locking. When you enter or leave the house, the smart lock will automatically lock at a fixed time (5-900 seconds, customizable).
    • Weatherproof High-Quality and Durable: The front and back panels of the smart lock are made of zinc alloy materials, which are waterproof, dust-proof, sun-proof, shock-proof, high temperature and low temperature resistance. Suitable for various environments. (Waterproof Rating: IP65, Working Temperature: -4F~158F, Working Humidity: 20%~80%RH).

    Customer Reviews

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    chasity t.
    Great, a little info

    I love the lock but here a little to know before installing, #1 you don't need to drill the top hole....... read all the instructions before you start, this would have saved me a lot of time. I stopped and bought a drill bit, after reading I needed to drill then drilled then read it was optional. #2, batteries are not included, I had to stop again and go buy batteries. #3 only one person downloads the app to start with, whoever is going to have control of codes. We both downloaded then Uninstaller then transfered...... big pain in the butt. Then you send them the information for the app and code. The lock works great, it talks, yes, talks you through the process and makes it so easy once you download the app. Besides the real keys, everything is done through the app. My only concern is what if I lose my phone or break it..... Don't hesitate, buy it!!!!!

    The stylish lock that everyone wants

    I love this lock! We got it very quickly. It's very stylish, easy to install, and so many different ways to lock and unlock it. I've bought some of their other products. They never disappoint! Highly recommended.


    I don't have to worry about forgetting to bring the key anymore. It can open the door in 5 different ways, many fingerprints can be set ,and it is easy to install, download a software to operate on the phone, and the price is very reasonable.

    Dalle e ettel
    work product

    I am telling you why I bought this product.actually I don't need this product. but because the product I was using was broken, I ended up buying this product. but before I buy this product, I first see a review from a previous buyer. whether this product is worthy of my purchase and it turns out that the previous buyer reviews are pretty good, making me even more interested in buying this product.when I bought this product. I am thinking whether this product is better than my previous product. but I think positively and I am sure that this product will make me happy and better than the product I used before.when this product arrived I was very satisfied with the results

    Kristi C.
    Looks nice & great features!

    We bought a smart lock because we like the ability to have door locked, but be able to not have a key with us when we're out walking or working in the yard. We moved the keyed lock below it where the handle was so we have both and are not worried about the lock not taking.My husband had put in a similar lock earlier this year (and had to drill into the door). Thankfully we didn't have to do that here. The process was fairly straight forward. The lock part that's inside the door extends if it's larger than the original piece. Connecting the two pieces was a little challenging due to where the connection cord has to go. Also, we didn't put in the top bolt, which we might do later because it doesn't stay upright on its own even with the other two bolts within the handle part. Changing out the charge plate was probably the hardest part since we had to chip out some of the wood and a little of the plastic inner part chipped off. I wish that was a little sturdier and longer so it was a better fit where the older one was.It looks great - and works well, too. Your finger can't be dirty or we but if you have your key card or your passcode, you're all set. The fingerprint isn't as comprehensive as one used for your phone - not as many sides of your finger. Love that you can also set the door to be unlocked for a certain amount of time as well.The app was easy to use and everything went smoothly!