Blackhead Remover - 5 Intensities - Black & White

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    • 5 Suction levels & 5 Suction Probes:  5 Different powerful suction levels suitable for different types of skin to achieve genuine deep cleaning. Level 1 is suitable for sensitive and dry skin, levels 2-3 are suitable for neutral skin, levels 4-5 are designed for mixed and oily skin. Meanwhile, 5 replaceable probes are designed for different skin conditions, such as: clean up blackheads, remove dirt grease on the skin, reduce dead skin and fine lines.
    • Effective & Safe & Painless in Daily Skin Care: This pore vacuum uses innovative vacuum technology, the pore vacuum suction is twice that of ordinary products. Made of eco-friendly material ABS, non-toxic, non-irritating, which can be safely used on the face. Blackhead remover vacuum uses effective physical approach to solve the skin problems without any chemicals. FCC, CE, ROHS certificated to ensure It is safer and more effective than the traditional facial cleaning methods.
    • Rechargeable & Portable LED Display: The pore vacuum cleaner has a built-in USB rechargeable battery, a single charge supports superior standby can check the suction level and battery power on the LED display.

    Customer Reviews

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    John Spooner
    WOW!!!! AMAZING Product!!!

    This Black head remover is just absolutely amazing!!! I could not be more happy and satisfied with this product. At first I was little skeptical in buying this because my skin is super tough and I was worried that the suction on this product wouldn't be strong enough. This device has multiple suction levels it does the job perfectly. If you are worried about the suctioning not being strong enough, don't be because it has very high powered and works excellent. I will definitely be recommending this product to my friends and would recommend this product to anyone that has trouble with black heads on there skin. Good Job on this AMAZING Product!!!!!!!!!!!

    Naquila Irving
    wow, it works you guys!

    i used this product because i had a lot of blackheads on my cheek area & i wanted to try something different. i was super excited about this product when i came across it. from the time i started til now, i see a completely huge difference & i use it 2-3 times a week. this product is amazing & made me feel more confident in my face area. i don't have any before or after photos but insure you, you won't be disappointed if you suffering from blackheads or whiteheads. very easy it use. at first the suction was a little aggressive but once my face got use it to we were good.

    This little jewel is magical for your skin!!!

    I was initially kind of anxious about buying something like this as my skin at 54 living in Florida and driving a convertible has been damaged from a life on the beach. I am used to getting professional facials and spa services but with the pandemic have done nothing but basic care for my skin and it showed. My skin lacked color and elasticity and you could see the blackheads and other irritants under the skin but not far enough for normal scrubs or other products to pull out. I love that this has different settings for suction and that it is so easy to use!! My face hasn't felt this clean since the last time I had a facial in 2019!! I also bought a facial steamer as I read in other reviews how important it is to open those pores well first. I used the steamer I bought for about five to ten minutes and then got right to work with this little jewel. I am grossed out by what soaps, cleansers and toners leaves behind on my skin! The picture doesn't really show how gross it is but it sure does work! I learned from other reviews not to leave it in one spot and just covered my entire face in one direction and it worked great! I used a cool towel afterward that made it feel so fresh and then my normal moisturizer. Right now I want one of these for my whole body as my face feels ridiculously clean! My skin is older, sun-damaged and sensitive and this was perfect on the lowest setting. Ill be buying one for my daughter now!

    Great suction!

    I was so excited to use this right away. Great design and I love that its rechargeable. The suction is great! Very pleasantly surprised! Would recommend!

    C A
    Great tool!

    Suction is great on this blackhead remover! Came charged and ready to go! Very easy to use and clean. Would recommend 5/5.