Therapy Anxiety Relief Device

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  • ANXIETY RELIEF: "Helped me with post traumatic stress anxiety".
  • QUICK: 3 minute session. "Great for anxiety! Just listen and breathe".
  • EASY: Just press ON. Super easy, very relaxing and refreshing.


Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
wendy leigh regan
Helping with daily stress

We have been using this for a few days now and feel a sense of well being afterward. It's hard to explain. We will keep using it. It's super easy and very relaxing and refreshing

D. Green
Life changer

Wow. This is exactly what I need to help me zen out for a few minutes. Iv'e only had these for a day but they are my new best friend. I know this will be such a great experience the longer I use it. I will be gifting my daughter a set soon as she has lots of anxiety. This is such an amazing product. I know my life will be improved with daily use. 3 minutes doesn't seem long but is a perfect escape to refresh and rejuvenate the mind and body in a quick time. Have respect for it and it will have respect for you. Just listen. Escape. Let it take you. My cat likes the sounds too ;)

Kris huber
I felt so much calmer after first 3 minutes. I love it and it really works

Great product that calms your mind

S. E. Anderson
Excellent quality

Expensive.Helps me to focus on the present moment.A lot of times when I wake up at night, I turn them on, focus on the tones and do not hear them go off three minutes later.

Kathi King

OMG.... fabulous