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  • VISUALIZE YOUR MEDITATION PERFORMANCE: Supported by the biosensing technology, see how your brain and body are working when you are doing meditation. Real-time brainwaves, heart rate, HRV, relaxation, attention, and pressure level tell you whether you are getting into meditation states.
  • SCIENTIFICALLY VALIDATED LESSONS: Lessons on various topics in the app help you gain the basic techniques and accompany you to make progress every day (subscribers have access to all). More lessons are on the way. 
  • A DETAILED BIODATA REPORT: Displaying your performance of every minute reminding you when you get into the meditation state and during which period you are doing great. Compare your performance with the last seven times to see your improvement.
  • SUPERLIGHT, COMFORTABLE & PORTABLE: 29g in weight. Easy to take it with you anywhere, whether you are at home, in the office, or commuting.
  • FREE TO DOWNLOAD THE APP: On the App Store or Google Play. Bluetooth connection. Instant responsive customer service team via the app.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Really has helped my stress and anxiety....

I am really enjoying the benefits that muse s is providing me in many ways. I bought it with the intention to help with my stress and anxiety levels and I can say it has been an amazing tool to assist. I have had neuro biofeedback by trained therapists with their machines and while this was only a few times I recognized how it helped me. Upon learning more about muse s I thought I would give it a try and find I am able to have more space in myself throughout my day and my window of tolerance for stress has also seemed to expand. I struggled with trauma and muse s has given me a tangible way to train my brain in recognizing state shifts in myself which I feel strongly has given me more capability to handle stress day to day. I don't feel as burdened by day to day stresses and instead feel excited and happier about life. I practice the mind training with muse s every morning and find it sets my day off right and I can see the results of a lot of backed scientific data that shows how the neurofeedback assists in a plethora of ways for overall health and wellness. I would recommend it to anyone open to discovering a way to assist and manage stress and anxiety. While I don't personally use the sleep options often , I did find when I tried it a few times I felt a happiness and joy in falling asleep with the ocean sounds that responded to different brain states.I think for others who have left varying reviews , knowing muse s as a tool is invaluable it is up to us to know how these tools can help and how to apply what they are doing for us individually. For me this means applying a lot of the research behind nuerofeedback devices and the health and wellness benefits observed scientifically. Superficially I think some may be disappointed with the price point but I consider the feedback I receive with muse invaluable in assisting with my own intentions in self growth and mental health hygiene.Thanks muse s!

christian mogensen
Love it!!!

One of the best purchases I've ever made. A little pricey but worth it...

Love it so far

Havent had it that long but in the short time I have had it I was able to connect quickly and test it with my thoughts. So far from what I can see it does what it is meant to do. this helps me stay focused. I am able to meditate longer than I would without it. I did lose connection once because I got too hot. I had a blanket over me. Once I cooled down and wiped my forehead it reconnected quickly and was able to finish my session. I would recommend this.

Huge fan of my Muse Headband!

I purchased the Muse as a way to help me track and improve my meditation. It has exceeded my expectations with its ease of use as well as the accuracy of brain sensing. I feel like I am missing something if I don't use it at least once a day.I like the feedback that the app gives thru the guided breathing and meditations. I would definitely recommend this to someone who is wanting to improve their meditation practice.The sleep tracking wasn't my main reason for purchasing the Muse, but overall I do think that the readings are quite accurate. I found the feedback to be very similar to another sleep tracking device that I use. I do like the soundscapes that go along with the sleep tracking. The sounds and guidances provide an excellent way to help you get to sleep and get rid stress.

Anil S
Very effective for developing single pointedness in meditation

I am a long term meditator and had been looking for an affordable brainwave sensing headset. This band does the job for me. It provides excellent live feedback for training one's mind to stay focused. It's algorithms have been developed for processing brainwaves to aid in steadying one's meditation as opposed to brain wave monitors which output raw waveforms. I have been using it for about a month and I have experienced excellent results. If you buy it, be sure to listen to Cody Rall, MD on YouTube for his guidance about this device. It appears to do more accurate analysis of sleep tracking (due to its eeg sensors) than my Samsung watch 3.