Meditation Tracker Headband - Thin Band

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  • PERSONAL MEDITATION ASSISTANT: This headband makes meditation easy by taking the guesswork out of your practice and providing real-time feedback to help you recognize when you have become distracted and guiding you back to a focused and calm state.
  • MINDFUL MORNINGS & RESTFUL NIGHTS: Imagine starting your day with unwavering focus and ending it with blissful and restorative sleep. Extended 10-hour battery life allows users to seamlessly go from daytime use into bedtime prep with Go-to-Sleep Journeys.
  • GUIDED MEDITATION WITH SLEEP SUPPORT: It combines powerful feedback and soothing voice guidance with responsive meditations that help you to relax and move your mind away from the busy thoughts that keep you distracted and awake.

Customer Reviews

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vanessa lacey
Phenomenal mindfulness tech

Phenomenal piece of health technology. Great for beginners and advanced meditators. Makes meditation fun with helpful modules to focus on breath, heart rate, body movements and of course brain activity. I'm a scientist and audit medical devices, and am excited to see this product available for the mainstream population. If I had kids I would definitely get them started with something like this because it turns meditation into a game almost!

A worthwhile upgrade

I was really on the fence about this, having used Muse 1 for some time, and it still works fine and I really enjoy using it. Sure Muse 2 looks a lot sleeker, and is a little smaller, but I wasn't sure it offered any more value. Eventually, I took the plunge and ordered it, and am so glad I did. The moment you connect it to your Muse app, you instantly unlock 3 new types of meditations and they really do take things to a whole new level. The breath meditation is calming but the heartbeat meditation which syncs with your heart-rate is.. well.. euphoric. I could do this all day. Iv'e had no issues with connection, and it's a really well designed piece of kit. Glad I upgraded.

Josh Felber
Love the Muse 2

I have used the Muse since 2015 and my kids as well since 2016 and after getting the new Muse 2 it has been amazing. the kids love the new heart rate and breathing focused options and the headband fits the kids heads way better.Take your meditation to the next level with Muse!

Great for Beginners

The Muse 2 has been a great addition to my beginner meditation practice. It is lightweight, comfortable, and easy to set up and use. I had a few sensor connectivity issues the first time I used the band, but I realized it was because I wasn't wearing the device correctly. After a few tries, I now have the positioning down and haven't had any other issues. I like that the app sets attainable goals, enjoy seeing the charts after each session, and look forward to seeing my progress over time.

Favorite Purchase This Year

This is by far my favorite purchase of the year and I already got my brother to buy one as well.I am meditating way more often and because of the gamification I find myself wanting to get better and better