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    • Smartphone APP - Unlock/Lock via TTLock! Setting the auto lock function, no worry about forgetting to lock the door.
    • Keyless Entry Door Lock - More convenient without a key! Use the passcode to unlock and no worrying about bringing your keys. Setting your own passcode or generate a Timed, Permanent, One-time or Customized passcode. Make it more flexible for children, friends or others who wants to enter.
    • Electronic Touchscreen Keypad - Safer high quality & solid. Intuitive OLED display, zinc alloy body, long battery life, 4pcs AA batteries can provide 5000 openings (approx. 6 months). For security reason, it will automatically lock for 5 minutes when enter the password incorrectly more than 5 times. Please make sure the size of your door meets the installation specifications, and the L/R side has different install method, you could follow the tips in video.

    Customer Reviews

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    Sid Vid
    Easy Installation, easy operation, and appears to be solidly constructed. I would buy it again!

    I installed the SMONET Smart Deadbolt Bluetooth Keyless to replace a Schlage deadbolt on the door leading to my garage. The Smonet did fit into the existing opening (left by the removal of the Schlage) but required the drilling of a 10mm hole (shown on the included installation template) to anchor the top of the unit. The installation instructions were adequate - but some of the English wording was clumsy. I easily downloaded the app to my iPhone, set up the app options, and installed a keypad passcode. Both bluetooth and keypad access work well. The Smonet appears to be mostly metal so I would expect the unit to have a long lifespan. I do not currently have a gateway unit so I cannot comment on how well internet access may work.I will provide further comments in the future when I have longer experience with this Smonet unit.

    Angela Liu
    Great Product Love It

    This smart lock is amazing the quality is excellent the key board is sensitive also i can control to open and close the door on my phone,save me a lots of headache for always forgrting carry keys when i going out and also easy to install

    harris z
    Great product!

    I love everything about this lock! The instructions were very clear and installation for this lock took less than half an hour! We replaced an older keypad lock that was like one of the first ones that ever came out. Install was quick and easy. Just make sure you look at the instructions on the right and left-hand door swing. The most impressive feature is the smart Bluetooth wifi connection support. It also enables different customized passcodes for guests and housekeepers. It makes our lives much easier as we don't need to get keys back from them. Also, we used to forget locking the door, but with this product, we can set automatic locking and we are never bothered going backing to lock the door. I feel like I am a step closer to build my smart home! We were so impressed with the lock and customer service, we bought another one for our rental property. I definitely recommend buying this lock. Nothing else on the market works as well.

    Extra security, and convenient!

    In my opinion, the front door lock is an unsung hero, quietly keeping thieves and rogues at bay. Smart locks are the superheroes of the species, with special powers that make life more convenient (and a little more fun).In my view, this Smart Deadbolt Lock has added maximum security to our house. The keyless codes with Bluetooth unlock and anti-peep password ensure our home is kept safe and sound. If you want to check on the locking/unlocking records, you can access directly on your app. The app is user friendly and straightforward to work with. ( I have shown in my attached video). Also, you can know your door status in real-time anywhere. As a homeowner, you can share the codes with your friends and guest that are sable only for a few periods and subjects to be revoked whenever need. Forget about copied keys or stolen keys because this keyless technology ensures your home is safe always. In case the battery is running down, the smart reminder notifies you via the app, your home will remain safeguarded.I had a little bit issue with the lock, which was obviously my fault. Our door opens from right to left, and then the lock default setting is for doors that open from left to right. So be careful during installation, and the solution is the button on the back of the back door panel. Change that to L or R based on your door position.Pros* It offers extra security for the home with keyless codes* Real-time record enables you to know your door status* Easily install with the use of a screwdriver* It is fast in sharing codes with friends and guestCons* Youll need to drill an extra hole for installation.

    Boater Matt

    Amazing quality