Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat - 7-Day Programming

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    • UPGRADED INTERNET CONNECTION WITH HIGH-END CHIP: The 5th generation has the most stable connection cause it has a high-end chip.
    • EASY INSTALLATION, QUICK SETTING, EASY OPERATION: Installation can be completed within 30-minutes and you can become familiar with the operation within 20-minutes. It is easy to maintain, especially since batteries are not required.  cause there is no battery require, so no need to change the battery by month.
    • CONSISTANT MONEY-SAVING: This thermostat helps you save over 20% cost on HVAC expenses ( Data from the Xing laboratory) through the energy-saving mode, 7-day rational programming, remote access, etc.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    Pipe guy
    Half the price of equals

    Bargain priced with full features including Alexa or Google.

    Very steep learning and set up curve, but works very well.

    On the whole very cool. once it works. Wiring it is not as easy as it seems, programming it is even harder, but once it's working very happy with it.

    Great gift for new home owner!

    Was a gift for someone and they love itNo complaints!

    john cossett
    It works

    Love having control when your not at home, makes it a warmer home on cold winter days. Alex Warm up the housethankyou

    Michael Hagins
    Wifi connection

    It was easy to install but when you download the app and try to connect to WiFi it was a little hard but when I did get it connected it works great