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    • POWERFUL REAL-TIME GPS TRACKER FOR VEHICLES: With a lightning-fast 4G LTE network, this GPS tracker offers a great way to track, vehicles, trucks, kids, teens, motorcycles, automobiles, the elderly, luggage, and all other valuables. A covert real-time GPS tracker with up to 5-second updates through mobile, PC, or web app. 
    • LOWEST GPS SUBSCRIPTION RATES: A subscription fee is required for this real-time GPS tracker, to cover the cost of cellular charges just like for a cellphone. We provide the lowest rates in the market. PAY MONTH-TO-MONTH: starting as low as $19.95. Or PREPAY ANNUALLY: starting as low as $167.40 ($13.95/mo.). Comes with phone call support 9-5 pm weekdays, and 24/7 email support. NO CANCELLATION FEES, NO CONTRACT.
    • GEOFENCING WITH SMART ALERTS: You can create custom geo-fencing zones that notify you when the tracking device enters or exits a restricted zone. Receive or push notifications instantly from your GPS tracker to your smartphone or PC, when your device records excessive speed, harsh braking, late-night driving, enters/exits a restricted area, or low battery. 
    • LONG BATTERY LIFE: Stay connected with long battery life for up to 2 weeks with high-speed updates. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 8 reviews
    H. Choi
    Very impressed with a two issues.

    Just got it and set it up. Everything was smooth and easy breezy. The included instruction is very clear and to the point. I was able to register, sign up for a plan, sign into my account, download the apps onto my Android and iPad without a hitch. The app is very easy to use and the website on my laptop is top-notch. The GPS data is very accurate except occasional delay taking more than 1 minute to update. "Map it" function is not available in Android app, however. It's only available on Windows and iPhone. We'll give it a few weeks to see how it performs. May I order a few more in the future if no issue.


    I was impressed with the online manual for the tracker. It was easy to follow and very complete. I was able to set the device up very quickly.The tracker will be used to help plan and prepare school bus driving routes. We can get an accurate reading of the times between and at stops to help provide efficient routes for the drivers.It could prove helpful for the administrative staff to be able to know where the buses are at any time. It also provides additional security for the school bus.It will be used for a multi-day school field trip next week to the Mt. St. Helens area.The iPhone app is very easy to use. We are very pleased with what weve seen up to now.

    J. Fields
    Great purchase

    Pleasant experience with customer service they helped me with any issues or concerns I had with setting up device. GPS location is about 95% accurate.

    Easy to use

    This product has worked really well especially to track the cars. This device can be very useful for tracking commercial vehicles. It provides detailed information pertaining to location, speed, latitude, longitude, fuel usage, etc. It also has a feature for a paid roadside assistance. I have not used it but thought it was a good feature. The setup instruction manual was very easy to follow and the tracking website is user-friendly. The device is portable, fits nicely in the glove compartment and the battery lasts really long. I think as of now I am satisfied with the product.

    Bhagyaraj Panicker
    Met expectations

    An easy way to track luggage especially when you are flying all across the country. It is very small and easy to handle. The support asked me to put it in an outside pocket it updated all the way into the airport and then picked up as soon as the bag got out of the vegas airport.I was afraid ther battery would die on me in the middle of the flight but it reduced just a little bit.Thinking will use it on my son's backpacking trip soon.